Disco Load Out Dance Party

Every Friday & Saturday it's time for the Disco Load Out! We transform The Senate into the best dance party in town. The DJ is playing, volume is cranked, lights are blazing: it's time get down on the dance floor! 




Q:  When is Disco Load Out?

A:  Every Friday & Saturday.

Q:  What time does Disco Load Out begin?

A:  If there's a concert that evening, Disco Load Out will begin shortly after the show ends.  Typically 11 PM but it can vary.  Concert goers over 21 with valid ID are able to stay inside the venue post-show and wait for the party to begin.  Non-concert goers will be able to join as soon as we are able to get the room funky enough for Disco Load Out.  Follow us on Instagram and we'll do our best to announce the estimated time each weekend.  You can also hit us up at TheSenate@tinroofbars.com for info. 

If there isn't a concert that evening, Disco Load Out will begin at 10:00 PM!

Q:  Does it cost to attend Disco Load Out?

A:  If you purchased a ticket to that evening's concert then it's free for you! If you didn't attend the show, or there wasn't a show that evening, there's a small $5 cover charge that gets you entry for not only Disco Load Out at The Senate, but also entry to the Tin Roof next door.  You can jump back and forth all night long between the DJ & the live band for one cover.  Now that's a deal! 

Q:  Do I have to attend that evening's concert in order to attend the Disco Load Out Dance Party? 

A:  No! While we think you should always attend the show, you are always welcome to join the post-show party!  Meet up with your friends who attended the concert, or just come make some new ones even if you didn't purchase a ticket for that night's concert!

Q:  Is there an age limit to attend Disco Load Out?

A:  Yes. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to attend.  If that evening's show was all ages, you are welcome to enjoy the concert, but must be 21+ to stick around for the post-show party.